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Real Estate Document Scanning Services


The real estate industry is notorious for generating vast amounts of paper documents. To streamline this process,
VDOCS offers specialized real estate document scanning services for

  • Title Companies
  • Real Estate Attorneys
  • Realtors
  • Mortgage Companies

Our document scanning services are tailored to enhance efficiency and improve customer service.


Maximize Efficiency and Client Satisfaction


Our service package is designed to maximize your efficiency by providing immediate access to all information within your files, available in seconds. Utilizing our services adds significant value to your offerings, noticeable to your clients, while simultaneously increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Contact us today to start experiencing the benefits of VDOCS’s real estate document scanning services.


VDOCS takes care of everything:


Supplies: We provide VDOCS boxes for the secure shipment of your documents.

Pickup: We handle the collection of boxes from your office(s).

Indexing: Each file is meticulously indexed by buyer's name, seller's name, file number, address, and closing date.

Document Preparation: We remove all binding instruments from files before scanning.

Scanning: Documents are scanned at 300 DPI in both color and black & white, and converted into text-searchable PDFs.

Full Quality Assurance: Every image is analyzed to ensure it is a replica of the original document.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR): All documents undergo OCR to make them fully text searchable.

Output / Delivery: Files are delivered on Flash Drives and electronically for your convenience.

Secure Shredding: We securely hold all physical files for three months before securely shredding them.

File Requests: While your files are being processed, if you need access to a document, we will securely provide you with the scanned records.


Experience the convenience and efficiency of VDOCS's real estate document scanning services



Contact VDOCS today and unlock the power of a paperless real estate business!

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